We know some questions will come up that aren’t addressed here or in the Seller Packet. Below are answers to frequently asked questions we’ve received over the years.

What forms of payment are accepted at the sale?
Cash, MasterCard and Visa are all accepted. New in 2018: no checks will be accepted.

Can I bring kids to shop the sale?
Yes, kids are welcome to come to the sale. However, expect crowds and a slight wait at checkout during peak shopping hours.

Where do I get wire hangers?
Check your local dry cleaners and grocery stores (ex: HyVee Dry Cleaners, French Way Cleaners, etc.).

Do I have to pick up my unsold items?
No, you have the option of donating your unsold items to charity (see price tags). If you fail to indicate yes or no to charity, the item will automatically go to charity when the sale closes.

How do I get more tags?
Just stop by the church office. Additional tags are always available at no additional charge.

Can I photocopy my own tags?
Yes,but they must be on white card stock.  Paper tags are easily torn and come detached from the items.

How should I price my items? 
See your Seller’s Packet, page 5. If you have a question about a specific item please consult the lead volunteer at drop off time.

When will I receive a check for my sold items?
In 3-4 weeks following the sale, an email will notify you that your check will be ready to be picked up in the church office.

What if I can’t pick up my unsold items on Saturday?
You will need to make arrangements for someone else to pick them up on your behalf.  The church is unable to store items.

Where do I get safety pins?
Ask friends and family… if all else fails you may have to buy them at a drugstore.

Do I hang onesies or swimwear?
Yes, use safety pins to attach the onesies and/or swimwear to the wire hanger.

Do I need an appointment to drop off my items?
You will need an appointment if you have 200 items or more. Please check your email for how to schedule an appointment.

Can I bring someone with me to shop the pre-sale?
One person is admitted per 4 hours of volunteer time.  If a person volunteers 8 hours, they are allowed to bring one guest. Please contact twiceblessedsotv@gmail.com to confirm your volunteer hours.

Is it possible to allocate more than 30% of my proceeds to go to Shepherd’s Flock since the sale is a fundraiser?
Yes, designating a higher amount to go toward the school is an option.  If this is something you’d like to do please contact us at twiceblessedsotv@gmail.com.  Thank you!