The 17th annual Twice Blessed Consignment Sale will be Friday, April 6th (9:00-7:00) and Saturday, April 7th (8:00-1:00) of 2018. Many items are half off Saturday. Cash, MasterCard and Visa are accepted. NEW in 2018: checks are no longer accepted.

The Shepherd’s Flock Early Learning Center puts on the Twice Blessed Consignment Sale for gently-used items relating to children … from toys to clothing to maternity items to furniture … anything imaginable can show up at the sale!

Mark your calendars … start saving wire hangers and safety pins … clean out those drawers and closets and attics … start telling everyone with whom you come in contact about The Twice Blessed Consignment Sale at Shepherd of the Valley! It’s great for buyers and sellers, and it’s a huge benefit for our school and our children!

Volunteers helping four hours or more can shop the pre-sale on Thursday, April 5, 2018.

About Shepherd’s Flock Early Learning Center


At The Shepherd’s Flock ELC, we believe that the years from birth to six are the most critical years in the development of a positive self-concept, a healthy personality, and a foundation for successful life-long learning. We further believe that every child is a very special, unique individual; that children learn best through relevant, hands-on sensory play experiences and in an environment that is nurturing, challenging and entertaining.

Our school is designed to facilitate the emotional, social, spiritual, cognitive and physical development of each child. We provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum which is implemented with sensitivity to each child’s specific cognitive style and learning pace. Teachers are required to have a degree in Elementary or Early Education. Our highly-trained, enthusiastic and committed staff are a tremendous blessing and our greatest asset. They are dedicated to the importance of early education and give of their time and talents ‘above and beyond’ because of this passion for teaching young children.

The Preschool curriculum recognizes the importance of all aspects of development  for the early learner revolving around 6 thematic units that change monthly. The children should feel like they are having a fun, play-filled day at school, while in reality the teachers are ensuring a day filled with purposeful learning and skill-building!

To see class times and more information, please visit our website.


Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church
3900 Ashworth Road
West Des Moines, Iowa


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